With the help of a silent partner, in October 1988, the founders of Vector Tool & Manufacturing purchased the majority of machine shop equipment from a manufacturer, who at the time was downsizing operations.


The negotiating purchase of the machine shop equipment, retaining key personnel and a contract to continue manufacturing, was a key element to the foundation of success; for the new start up, Vector Tool & Manufacturing incorporating in 1989.


Vector Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. leased the first building in Dayton, Minnesota. This strategic move was important because the building was setup electrically to handle the power needed for machine shop equipment.


In winter of 1996, fire engulfed the production floor and destroyed the building. The next morning, near by in Monticello, Minnesota management moved quickly with help from Vector Tool & Manufacturing employees, who started to reassemble the company again. With ingenuity and entrepreneurial skill, Vector Tool & Manufacturing was up and running again in about four working days. By July 1996 production was running at normal capacity, at the new and current location: 206 Dundas Road in the Monticello Industrial Park.


As a new chapter beginnings at Vector Tool & Manufacturing; we see a bright future ahead. Meeting the demands of the market place and continued growth; that is our business model. At Vector Tool & Manufacturing we are committed to deliver World Class Superior Quality & Customer Satisfaction.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified